The Walk – Fitness Tracker and Game

The Walk – Fitness Tracker and Game

The Walk – Fitness Tracker and Game

The Walk – Fitness Tracker for iPhone and Android is new from the makers of Zombies Run, encouraging you to walk more through a mixture of a game and thriller story

Some of us find walking to be rather dull. We’re not talking about a stroll in the green hills but day-to-day treks around towns and cities, trudging from A to B. At the same time, we know that walking is good for our bodies, so anything that can motivate us to get on our way has got to be a good thing, right?

New from Six to Start, the developers behind Zombies, Run!, The Walk – Fitness Tracker is an ingenious little app for iPhone and Android smartphone that merges a pedometer with a story-driven game. As you hit targets such as walking a certain number of steps or for a certain amount of time, the app will reward you with audio clips of the story. Playing the part of a courier who has to deliver a parcel that will save the world after a terrorist attack, you walk the length of the UK, evading capture from the police and enemy agents. As well as unlocking episodes of the story, you are also intermittently rewarded with clues, such as scraps of newspaper, so that you can piece together who caused the explosion.

The thriller plotline and the achievements to unlock turn walking into an adventure and keeps you motivated in order to find out what happens next. To spur you on, a progress chart tells you how far you have gone in terms of episodes completed, landscape features scanned and collectibles found. You can also find out how many adventures you completed in a day (great for the particularly fit). It is possible to cheat the system – you could jump in a car and drive – but that does rather defeat the purpose of playing.

There are 65 episodes and 800 minutes of audio with hundreds of miles to cover, so The Walk will keep you entertained and inspired to keep exercising for ages. If you’re worried that you’re not fit enough to cover that much ground, The Walk adjusts its difficulty based on individual fitness levels and becomes more challenging as you improve.

Rated 5 out of 5

Gamifying health is not a new concept but The Walk is simple and incredibly effective.