The Vision Magazine

The Vision Magazine

A new leap forward in interactive press

The iPad was designed for reading magazines, and since its launch there have been many attempts to utilise the features of Apple’s stunning tablet. What has been most exciting is seeing new names and brands entering the arena with fresh ideas.

The Vision Magazine is one such title. It presents you with an interactive magazine aimed at people who love visual entertainment, be it cinema, gaming or television. There is stunning photography and articles galore, covering a range of intriguing topics. But while you would expect such content from a print magazine, The Vision goes further, with the inclusion of film trailers, and – most awe-inspiring of all – brilliant sets of interactive images.

It’s not without its issues, however, as scrolling through the pages is not always intuitive. Just when you think you can swipe a page, you find that you can’t, and have to employ a different method such as tapping a particular area of the screen. The writing can also leave much to be desired with a few too many errors detracting from what is often a sumptuous treat for the eyes. It’s fairly clear that the real attention to detail on this magazine was in its design, not its editorial.

The Vision is really more of a coffee table book than a magazine at times. The interactive photos revealing the development from green screen to film or sketch to cell are superb and there are plenty of pages to pore through. Given that it’s free, you’ll marvel at the work that’s gone into it. As time goes on, we would expect the experience to kick on and any gripes to be sorted out. One thing is for sure – it shows a lot of promise and its interactive features are superb.

Rated 4 out of 5

The Vision Magazine provides an interesting insight into the future of tablet publications.