The Three Little Pigs Story

The Three Little Pigs Story

Houses made from putty anyone?

The Three Little Pigs is such a classic and memorable story, known by all parents and told in so many different books, that to charge £1.99/$2.99 for it in an app it really has to do something special. The Three Little Pigs Story isn’t a hundred per cent special, but it does come pretty close.

Though the story is virtually identical to the classic fable, it is recreated here using clay models of the pigs, the wolf and everything else in between. Touching any of the models brings them to life, sometimes for a brief moment, as they simply react to your prodding, other times in more detail for the critical moments of the story. Building a house from twigs with a few touches is fun to watch, though a little simple compared to some other interactive books that are out there, and very young children will certainly love it.

In the version tested, several of the animations didn’t work as advertised, but the most recent update appears to have solved that problem. It was pretty disappointing given that the clay animation is the only thing that justifies the price tag, but you can now enjoy this book in full without interference. Since the story is so familiar you really need to decide whether or not the clay design is enough to capture your imagination, but we would suggest it has enough about it to bring a smile to any young faces.

Rated 4 out of 5

Thankfully fixed of late and as such a fun and engaging retelling of a classic tale.