The Squawka Football App

The Squawka Football App

The Squawka Football App

Squawka is a soccer second screen that brings big data to the Beautiful Game

Get all the vital statistics on your favourite team’s performance with the Squawka Football App. It calculates 500 million data points per match, allowing you to check out the pass percentage of a midfielder or total wins of a team in an instant.

Despite containing masses of information, drilling down to the data you want in Squawka is easy. Swipe sideways to view profiles of your favourite teams or tap the drop-down menu also to jump to topics like Players, Leagues and News. There is also an easy to filter search bar. You can even set alerts to be informed in key details.

For more casual browsing, the Dashboard screen provides continually updating feed of football stats, news stories and multimedia content – including animations of key events minutes after the happened on the pitch. There is even some low level social interactivity with the option to provide your own post-match analysis in a comments section.

All this information is free to access pay walls fencing off exclusive content, however this is offset by banner ads permanently squatting at the bottom of the screen and adverts that pop up occasionally in the news feed. These throw off the otherwise gorgeous aesthetic of the app, but are not particularly invasive and don’t ruin the the user experience.

Rated 5 out of 5

Like a mobile Moneyball, Squawka is a comprehensive app for finding out football trivia in seconds.