The Silent Age Review

The Silent Age Review

Time Travel, puzzle solving and an apocalyptic future; it’s all in an episode’s work

While minding his own business in his job as a janitor in a 1970s government building, Joe encounters a mysterious man who hands him a time-travelling gadget. And so begins what is an incredibly cool puzzler to interact with. The traditional platformstyle graphics have some modern smartphone polish and the controls are simple point-and-touch as though straight from a classic PC game.

The Silent Age has a real hook to make it stand out among its fellow platform puzzle games and that comes in the form of the time-travelling device you are handed early on in the game. Once charged, players can use it to jump between Joe’s present and the dystopian future he is now trying to prevent becoming a reality. The point of this ability is that any routes that are inaccessible at one point in time may be navigable in another. This gives an added dimension to each screen of the game, with every single environment having at least two layers to it on top of the hidden objects within.

That is the joy of The Silent Age then: the fact that you feel challenged when playing it and yet there are plenty of avenues for you to explore. Never do you feel completely stranded or stuck – there is always another layer. Though this  rst episode is short, we will be back for the second, without a doubt.

Rated 5 out of 5

Doesn’t look that groundbreaking, but there are great layers of detail that refresh a long-standing genre.