The Room 2 Review

The Room 2 Review

The Room 2 is a contemplative and engaging mystery set in a 3D world

It starts with a room and a box but, just like the first game from which this new offering follows, that is all that is needed to open up a world full of mystery, brain ache and sweaty palms. The Room 2 will get your heart thumping as you try and figure what is inside the objects that are presented before you.

It is akin to a point-and-click adventure game but located on specific objects that can be prodded and turned. Drawers can be pulled, locks can be revealed, buttons can be pressed, letters opened and read. It builds up into an intriguing puzzler that is now spread over multiple areas, beginning inside a ship.

In some senses, this departure from the first game is not hugely welcome since it means you’re having to pinch out to see the overall room before leaping to another object, rather than spending time on one piece and getting to know all of its intricacies. But the good looks of the game and the atmosphere that is created makes it feel very real, so you don’t mind exploring.

It helps too that there is a hint system, so you don’t ponder over the same puzzle for absolutely ages (unless you want to, of course). You don’t run the risk of boredom either. The crafting of this game and the fun you’ll have with it more than outweighs its relatively short playing time. It’s definitely one to savour.

Rated 4 out of 5

An enormously immersive game that will hurt, tease and intrigue the brain as you while away a few hours.


  • David

    Sounds great, although I haven’t actually got around to using the first one yet..