The Pocket Scavenger Review

The Pocket Scavenger Review

The Pocket Scavenger Review

Scour your world and see it in a different light

Nowadays, authors have to do much more than just write their books – they have to think of clever and creative ways ways to promote them, and this app is a fine example of that. The Pocket Scavenger is an interactive scavenger app that ties in with Keri Smith’s book of the same name. Both instruct people to collect a sprawling spectrum of quirky items and are then asked to apply an alteration dictated by chance, adding or removing something in order to look at the objects in a different way.

In total, there are 72 objects to take a photograph of. They begin rather simply, with items such as Post-It notes or paper clips but soon enough it becomes rather more complex and you’ll need to scout around, for example, for an object from the year you were born. Each item is labelled with a location, time, date and the story of how you found it and took the image.

Whatever alteration you do to that image is entirely up to you, although you are asked to work around a suggestion. You could alter the time you take the shot or picture it in a situation that is very much random. You may turn the object into a character of some sort. It’s all about creativity and there is nothing to say something is correct or not so there’s no score or any such parameter of that type. There is a bizarre sense of satisfaction as you go through the list finding objects to capture images of and getting to the end.

As well as text, you can add voice notes and also share them on a map, and share your finds on Twitter. It’s great to see what others do and even better to see what you can come up with yourself as you photograph these quirky items and then try and do something with it based on the suggested alteration.

Some users may not enjoy the experience, given the fact it is ultimately a bit pointless. Still, by looking at the world and objects in a different way, there is a sense of unleashing the imagination and few apps can claim to get people thinking in a different way.

Rated 3 out of 5

An eye opening experience you can share with others and also explore in your own time.