The Orchestra Review

The Orchestra Review

Discover and embrace classical music like never before, thanks to The Orchestra on iPad

Even the most hardened pop music lover has likely had that moment of awe that comes from hearing a live orchestra for the first time.

The Orchestra is designed to appeal to those of us who have had such thoughts, as well as the more hardened classical music fan. The idea of creating ‘something for everyone’ was definitely the mantra for Touch Press when developing the app. What you’re getting here is, in short, eight pieces of iconic music played for you by the world renowned Philharmonia.

It is what surrounds each piece though that is the really interesting part of this, as the moment the orchestra starts playing through your speakers your screen comes alive and nothing feels classical anymore. It’s a multimedia feast with multiple camera angles to watch the conductor and co, as well as live scores that carry you through the piece, and even an impressive beat map that is reminiscent of the one used to curate your own music in GarageBand, though that couldn’t feel further away at this point.

What’s great about The Orchestra is that it rewards curiosity. There are audio commentaries from the conductor, video introductions to the instruments, and even interactive images. There are buttons everywhere on the interface of The Orchestra, almost enough to make it feel like a complicated wind instrument, but one that is fantastic to experiment with.

Rated 5 out of 5

Charming, interesting and wonderfully feature-rich.