The Math Tree Review

The Math Tree Review

Add and subtract on the iPad with ease thanks to The Math Tree

The iPad has been something of a revelation when it comes to education, with thousands of specifically-designed apps now available to help children learn. If you’ve got a child who’s learning to add, subtract, or just count, The Math Tree could be perfect for you. The app has an incredibly simple premise – there are items, usually fruit or birds, in a tree, and your child is instructed to add or subtract items to come up with an answer to the sum. The app allows them to physically pull the items out of the tree, or drag them into it, and then tap each one to hear it counted out loud before choosing an answer from four possible options. Get it wrong and a voice informs them whether the number they chose was too high or too low, and they can choose again.

The app does a great job of offering positive reinforcement, rewarding a right answer with a medal. When you’ve completed a level, these medals will be converted into a trophy. It provides the child with a constant sense of success, while offering them all the tools they need to learn. There are no other buttons on-screen, so you know that your child won’t accidentally quit to the menu screen, and we didn’t experience any bugs or crashes at all, which may make children frustrated. Well designed and fun.

Rated 5 out of 5

A well designed app that makes learning fun and simple – well worth downloading for young counters.