The Icky Mr Fox Review

The Icky Mr Fox Review

Or: Beatrix Potter for your smartphone

If you’ve got great characters, pleasant drawings and your interactive book can successfully be used alone by a child, then you’re onto a winner. The Icky Mr Fox manages all of these, and is a great quality app as a result.

The story follows Mr Fox, who is looking to bully Mr Rabbit and Mr Mole. He doesn’t succeed of course – this is a kids book after all – but there’s enough visual interactivity through the book that your children will likely enjoy reading it time and time again. Handily, each screen is littered with objects, rewarding your child for diligently exploring the interface. It also helps them to learn a few new words in the process, as tapping an object means its name is spoken, and the text floats on the screen.

The book is a little short, even for a children’s book, and there is a little too much repetition with Mr Rabbit and Mr Mole and their hot cups of tea, which does limit the overall enjoyment of the app. More hidden characters would be appreciated, as they would really capture an inquisitive child’s mind.

The visual quality is the most standout element in The Icky Mr Fox. The impressive drawings mean the characters are both recognisable and charming, and the well-spoken narrator helps take control of the story – perfect if you need something to distract your child for five minutes. As far as interactive kids books go this probably isn’t the best one available, but it’s free and has so much quality crammed in there that you would do well to download it.

Rated 4 out of 5

Not the best children's book, but entertaining enough and well made. Great for keeping 'em quiet for a few minutes, if nothing else.