The Hunting Part 1 Review

The Hunting Part 1 Review

The Hunting Part 1 Review

The first interactive zombie movie shot on iPhone

The improving camera lens on each new iPhone has meant that the device is being used more and more as filming equipment. The Hunting is a project that perfectly epitomises this idea; an interactive, first-person zombie movie that has been shot entirely on iPhone.

What this has created is an incredibly engaging experience – well backed up, like any good horror movie, by a startling soundtrack. The premise is that you awake to find that the world’s population has succumbed to a virus that has turned them into zombies. The suspense here is generated by the fact that you’re making the decisions and controlling the outcome of the story. This is done by using gestures to complete actions, and tapping to choose between multiple routes and options. Although this app is only part one – designed to be a taste of what to expect throughout the story – there is plenty of suspense and battling of the undead to keep you engaged.

The Hunting keeps things simple in terms of the interactions, timing everything well so that only the key decisions are left to you, rather than messing up the pacing of the story by having you complete every action yourself.

What The Hunting does is give a tantalising taste of what this series could produce in the future. The preview of the second chapter is absolutely terrifying and shows a lot of promise.

Rated 4 out of 5

On the short side, but a very good teaser of a series of apps worth keeping your eye on.