The Guitar Collection: George Harrison Review

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison Review

If you’re a fan of George Harrison or The Beatles, you will love this new interactive coffee book app

If you are a fan of The Beatles or George Harrison, this app will likely catch your attention. If you are also a musician and have an interest in the tools great musicians use, then The Guitar Collection: George Harrison will be a dream come true. The main focus is to show you the guitars Harrison used throughout his career, but the level of detail included for each model is what sets it apart.

You can view hi-res images of each guitar, zooming in and spinning them around, and the quality really is quite stunning. Each guitar is annotated and full previews of each track the guitars were used on are only a tap away. The methods used to link these parts together is so natural that it makes most of the competition feel clunky in comparison.

There are also detailed histories for each model and a unique 360-degree view that highlights every mark on the original guitars used by George Harrison. As a focused history on instruments that relate to a particular individual, the care and attention throughout is always surprising.

When you move around the app you will be able to access photos and videos that have been picked for their quality, and there is a lot more here if you take the time to view the help system. It is all very natural in use and cleverly hides many features to leave the interface looking clean, but ultimately, it is a resource that will suit most people.

It will educate you, entertain and surprise you in equal measure, but true fans will delight in the way this app has been built. It’s a visual and intellectual feast and the price is astonishing for the amount of content and quality on offer.

Rated 5 out of 5

A brilliant example of how to make a visual app that is centred around just one musician. Virtually faultless.