The Elements in Action Review

The Elements in Action Review

The periodic tables comes to life in The Elements in Action with 79 video experiments.

Educational apps are common on the iPad platform, but few are as richly and uniquely presented as The Elements in Action. The premise is simple in that you are given a series of 79 animated elements on the main navigation screen and tapping each will immediately start a video playing. The included videos will either show the element being created or an experiment being undertaken using the element in question.

This simplicity means that you will quickly gain a broad understanding of what the element is and what it can be used for, and with the inclusion of an accessible description below the main screen all areas are covered. Together, you are able to learn extremely quickly and understand the basics of each element, but if you choose to also install The Elements: A Visual Exploration, its award-winning sister app, the possibilities grow exponentially.

Tapping on an icon will take you to the element listing and here you will be able to read about various properties including the atomic radius, melting point and percentages showing how common it is in the ocean, the universe and even the sun. The Elements in Action is a superb title on its own for the reasons we have already described and its value is beyond question, but if you take the time to use both the apps in tandem they will create a solution that suits academics and the curious in equal measure.

Despite all of the educational features that form the core of the app, it is in the presentation that it truly shines. The wonderful start screen with animated elements gives way to videos that play without any delay and there is a sense that this app should be a model for others to follow. The attention to detail is so comprehensive that it feels as if it is from the future, but it isn’t. It is here now and ready and willing to give you a wonderful experience and teach you a little along the way. Stunning!

Rated 5 out of 5

Impressively educational as a stand-alone app, The Elements in Action can easily be made to work as part of an incredible solution when combined with its older sister app.