The Decision App Review

The Decision App Review

This digital wall chart will make you a master of time management

Decisions, decisions, decisions; we all have to make them. Whether it’s a question of what outfit to wear or how to best develop your business, The Decision App – Models for Strategic Thinking may be able to help.

Once you get past the rather grandiose title of the app and the pseudoscientific names of its problem-solving strategies, such as SWOT Analysis and Eisenhower Matrix, The Decision App boils down to a series of graphs and charts to help you brainstorm solutions.

If this sounds like a rather time-consuming way to become decision making master, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to boost your productivity. Each graph comes with a brief tutorial and a template, making it quite straightforward to jump in and start identifying strengths and weaknesses of your plans and rank your tasks by importance. Once you’ve got it, you can create graphs from scratch.

The app is also easy to navigate. In particular, the ability to switch between inserting colour-coded icons and captions and freehand drawing to add in inspired scribbles is potentially useful in a boardroom environment. Equally, if you were to use the app on your own, you can save files to your Camera Roll, send them as PDFs via email, or share them with other Decision App users.

Rated 4 out of 5

While this app may sound like corporate ‘blue sky thinking,’ it offers easy-to-use tools to help you reach your goals.