The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Don the cowl and take to the shadows as the Caped Crusader

Following on from the huge success that Rocksteady Studios had with its console titles Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Gameloft was left with some big expectations for its new movie tie-in title. And while the game succeeds rather wll in many areas, it falls short in some important ones, too.

Visually, the game impresses, with fantastic character models, a large draw distance when travelling around Gotham, and plenty of action happening on screen at once. Grappling around the city from point to point feels great.

The controls, however, simply do not work well; fighting is particularly difficult as the camera often takes up awkward positions, and tapping the attack button has to be forgone while you rotate it. The fighting itself is good, but we couldn’t help but feel for the most part that we were simply mashing the same button endlessly.

That said, the game’s story is strong as it follows that of the film, and there is some impressive voice acting from many of the characters, including Lucius Fox and Albert. Cut-scenes are nicely put together and keep the story moving, and an upgrade system will keep you powered up as you travel through the game.

The whole experience is excellent, with the music, tone and graphics contributing to a feeling that it genuinely Nolan-esque. However, some issues with the controls and camera angles mean it misses out on the full five stars.

Rated 4 out of 5

A moody title that looks great, but is let down by a complex control system.