The Converted by Ideon Review

The Converted by Ideon Review

The Converted by Ideon Review

A slight learning curve and Ideon claims you’re converted

Conversion tools are not sexy. They’re functional and they serve a quick purpose. At least, that’s what we thought until we used The Converted by Ideon. Although it can take a few minutes to get your head around the refreshing way the app approaches conversion, users are helped by a great guided tour. You soon realise the main action takes place on a conversion line that runs from top to bottom on the screen – and that there is no keyboard entry whatsoever.

Instead, you slide up and down the line finding the figure you wish to convert from. By moving your finger out towards the edges of the screen, you can get greater precision but, in all cases, the converted result is instantly displayed. It is a rather fluid non-cumbersome process that can be performed one-handed and you will be able to convert currency (there are 165 different types) length, weight, volume, temperature, speed, area and pressure without a hitch. Each category allows you to select what you wish to convert from and to with gives you a wealth of options.

And yet having to swipe to access the different units can be annoying. There will be users who want to just tap a number in and see the result too without having to swipe around. There is a sense that this app is a gimmick and that, for both light and heavy users, manual input is always the best way.

Rated 3 out of 5

A clever, unique approach to currency conversion that will either enthrall or repel you. It’s marmite.