The Browser for iPad

The Browser for iPad

Enjoy a range of thought-provoking news in one app

There are plenty of news apps on the App Store, with many of them now specifically designed to look amazing on the iPad. Few, however, offer content that’s been selected and curated by a handful of skilled editors, meaning you’ll spend less time sorting the current affairs wheat from the chaff and more time reading the important stuff. The Browser bases itself on that model, presenting a selection of stories that are genuinely interesting, thought provoking and perhaps even entertaining.

When you first fire up the app, you’re presented with a homepage not unlike any other news website with the best picks of today’s stories. Clicking on any of these may take you to a web page or a simplified, text-only version of the original article which is far easier to read.

Fortunately, you can apply this minimal styling to almost any article by tapping a button in the app’s toolbar. On top of this you can save a story on a web page for offline reading, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

There’s nothing hugely special about the app itself here, but it’s the content that really makes it, with the offline reading and minimal stylings a real plus. You’ll need to throw some cash at an in-app purchase to take advantage of The Browser’s total range of content, but there’s more than enough here to whet your appetite.

Rated 4 out of 5

The Browser’s content really is its strongest point in this slick, simple news-reading app.


  • Virgil Kane

    Of course it’s f’ing impossible to find this app because the otherwise intelligent editors of “The Browser” decided like a bunch of idiots to f’ing name it The Browser, in other words there are dozens and dozens of app with ‘browser’ in their name or as part of their description.