The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Start web-slinging through New York in this action-packed game

Take on the role of Spidey in a plot that loosely follows the new film through 25 missions. There are plenty of side-quests available to play through, and you have the option to complete these alongside the story, or afterwards.
Graphically, the game is impressive.

The new engine that Gameloft uses allows for hi-res textures to be applied throughout, along with more advanced shaders, resulting in a beautiful open-world New York for you to swing around.

Movement is a joy for the most part, as the controls work well to get from A to B and only struggle on tighter areas. Fighting controls are relatively simple, and while bashing the attack button will win most fights with thugs, there are plenty of upgradeable combos to utilise.

The app’s biggest downfall – aside from it’s relatively short lifespan – is the voice acting; the film sought a darker tone, while the game is much too cheesy for our liking.

Rated 4 out of 5

A well-designed open-world game that makes you really feel like Spidey.


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