Terraria Review

Terraria Review

Terraria Review

Terraria will take you on a trip to an interactive 8-bit world where you can mine and craft everything you see

Open-world games have become more common since the launch of the best-selling Minecraft. However, those that think Terraria is a quick cash-in will be surprised by just how deep the game is.

Create a custom character and you’ll be dropped into a randomly generated world. What you get is blind luck – you may be dropped into an area rich in useful resources and bountiful caves, or placed between a monster-infested swamp and a temple guarded by powerful magical creatures. The primary joy of the game is exploring the world, and discovering the wealth of unique content it has on offer. You’ll find yourself coming across all kinds of items and constructions, and while you’ll need to build a house to stay safe at night, you’ll find yourself wanting to leave at every opportunity to find everything the world has to offer. Of course, there’s still plenty to craft, with hundreds of items to make, from useful tools to cosmetic items like statues and clothes.

The game controls will take some getting used to; the two-stick system works well enough with some practice but it isn’t the most accurate. The learning curve is large, too. While the tutorial teaches you the basics of the world, working out what specific items can do will have you turning to a game guide more than once. Still, with so much to explore you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Rated 4 out of 5

Terraria is an incredibly deep game that has so much to see and do that you’ll keep coming back.