Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple Run

Indiana Jones and the temple of eternal running

You’ve probably heard iPhone gamers raving about Temple Run for quite some time, but what can be so special about yet another running game that makes it better than all the others?

In truth, there’s nothing particularly original about this app. You’re an Indiana Jones wannabe whose only objective is to escape the labyrinthine (and randomly generated) walkways while being chased by a pack of demon monkeys. Possible actions include turning corners, jumping obstacles, sliding under dangers, collecting coins and even picking routes at the last moment.

It sounds more complex than it actually is: swiping in the direction you want to take – up, down, left or right – is really all it takes to survive the various pits and traps of the temple, while a responsive tilt control function is used to collect coins on either side of the walkway.

The addition of achievements and purchasable bonuses – such as in-game collectables boost and invisibility, to a one-time, start-of-the-run enhancement – aren’t particularly new in the genre either, but they do add some longevity.

The reason Temple Run has got so many addicted, however, is largely the overall polish of the game; the 3D graphics really help add to the fast-paced gameplay. It’s that one-more-go element that really draws us back time and again.

Rated 5 out of 5

Not exactly original, but the combo of the Indy theme and slick presentation makes it a winner.