Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run 2 Review

The sequel to the mobile gaming mega-hit Temple Run is finally here; grab your iOS or Android device

When you look at the unprecedented success of Temple Run, it’s easy to see why Imangi Studios decided to go back and make another endless runner. This is the game that received 75 million downloads on iOS alone last year, and even spawned a Disney tie-in with Temple Run: Brave. But repeating success is never an easy feat – ‘the difficult second album’, as the expression goes.

Temple Run 2 looks to build on the success of the original by keeping the controls, and principle the same – just adding a few new features here and there. The most obvious of which is the dramatic change of setting, which is moved from the jungle to a host of sky-based pathways, as well as the odd mine here and there. The mine forms part of the extended gameplay, where players have to tilt their cart as well as duck in order to avoid blockades. This sequel also now comes with more power-ups and achievements, so you might find your scores being higher to begin with. This isn’t to say the game is easier than the original however, if anything Temple Run 2 is a more difficult game to get the hang of, with the new cart sections to get used to, as well as the curving pathways and slopes that can mess with your perspective just long enough to cause you problems.

The inescapable issue here though is that we’ve seen it all before – and this time around you can’t get quite as excited about Temple Run. Even though there are some cool new things to enjoy, it’s more of the same.

Rated 4 out of 5

Tries to build on the original but doesn’t do enough to eclipse it’s older sibling.