Is this app top of the class?

Teachers are the target market for this app and it sets about its business with a tidy and promising UI. But, creating with TeacherPal isn’t the instant hit it should have been.

To get to grips with the app it needs to be used, but perseverance does reveal the app’s wining personality.

Creating classes is easy: one tap, add a name, choose an icon and the first class is added. Tap again and another is ready to go. As more classes are added it soon becomes obvious that the accompanying icons are in short supply, resulting in doubling up. And there is no option to add your own either.

Then it’s time to move on to adding students. In essence this is a breeze: tap and add their details. However, students need a picture, so a photo of every single student needs to find its way onto the iPad. Now each student’s details are next on the list.

Adding grades, creating attendance records and noting behaviour is easy, although the attendance option is not so obvious, and creation and population is a time-consuming task just for one class.

So, what is really frustrating is that the whole process needs to be repeated for each new class, an issue that needs some work done to improve it and make life a lot easier for you.

However, this is version 0.1 of TeacherPal, and while at some points it shows, with a few rough edges, the signs are encouraging. Try it and get ready for the upgrade.

Rated 3 out of 5

TeacherPal has potential, but its needs to iron out a few of its sticking points. Must try harder.


  • TITLE=Needs a better spreadsheet for attendance.;Need to set attendance on a calendar base by student.

  • Ian

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