A familiar to-do list style, but not a bad one

We knew it wouldn’t take long for the influence of Clear to be felt on the App Store, and Task is the first app to draw from some of the best bits of that app without totally copying the format (though the icon is rather similar).

Simple gesture controls are the main feature to carry over, whereas the style of Task is more of a mix between Clear and the excellent to-do app Any.DO. If you’re going to emulate anyone, it may as well be the best.

Adding in new objectives or events is as easy as pinching your fingers on the screen and moving them apart. Completed tasks can be ticked off by sliding from left to right or deleted from right to left. You can also add alerts, so you get an alarm when a task or meeting that you have scheduled is due to take place. All in all very sensible, cool, and useful things.

So what we have is a planning app that sits nicely between the quick, no nonsense list making of Clear and the more detailed, time and date planning of Any.DO, but in so doing doesn’t quite capture the excellence of either.

Don’t get us wrong, if you feel you need a little more detail in your organiser or want a simplified interface to more complex calendars, Task is a good fit, but it isn’t as detailed as the competition, and as such, sits between the two.

Rated 4 out of 5

Occupies the middle ground between the task-management extremes of depth and simplicity, though it has tough competition.


  • Stephie Daniel

    No doubt simplicity matters to be the best part in any deployment of tools and techniques, but at some instant that may not be profitable to work out with. Task management is one such precious job that has to be primarily focused on for a better and dedicated end result to come up. I have worked in various companies and have seen lots of techniques and tools for the management of tasks but prime focus hooks up with the deployment of cloud based task management tools which happens to be the most crucial matter in terms of the task management that ultimately leads to the better productivity at times.