Tap TV

Tap TV

Watch classic movies and cartoons plus the best of YouTube on your iPad.

There are many different ways you can watch video on the iPad, but the truth is that videos are only as good as the source they come from. What Tap TV offers is the ability to ‘tap’ into an extensive archive of videos to watch via Wi-Fi at any time you see fit. As you might expect, the app is split into a diverse range of channels: movies, cartoons, documentaries, App TV, audiobooks, Magic TV, Best of YouTube and Silent Classics. Unfortunately, when it comes to movies or cartoons you’re unlikely to find anything particularly new on Tap TV, but it’s a great source of ancient classics that you can educate or just plain torture your kids with, or watch on your own for pure nostalgia value (and the inevitable swell of mild disappointment that accompanies returning to your childhood favourites).

We found some excellent old Warner Bros. cartoons lurking in the lists, and some great Charlile Chaplin movies that you probably won’t have seen for years! There are new videos too though, particularly on the documentaries and App TV channels.

The app is well laid out with easy-to-navigate menus, although we did find that the thumbnail videos took a little while to propagate through the system, giving the app a sluggish feel at times. Of course, this is down to internet speed more than anything, so the overall success of the app would be much improved if you have a super-fast Wi-Fi connection at home.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great source of classic cartoons and movies, plus some interesting new features and documentaries.