Sympler review

Sympler review

Sympler review

Mix Vine and Instagram videos together and add a soundtrack with this editing app for iPhone

Thanks to the high-profile appearance of Vine and the response from Instagram to introduce video functionality, creating and editing your own short clips is all the rage right now. So far all the talk has been about which of these two you should be using, but now Sympler introduces a way to broker peace between the two, and make users the winners.

The app is, in short, a piece of video-mixing software, where users can import six clips saved on their phone and then mix them together to music. The key is that users can import Vine and Instagram videos in and then fuse them together to create something entirely new.

The whole experience actually feels more like a music-making app, as the clips each take up a grid space on screen, and users mix by tapping grids in time to the music in order to get the best result. It’s a similar experience to many synth and drum machine apps out there, but with an added layer of creativity thanks to the addition of video in this instance, of course. Users of the app can apply the simple backing track Sympler has as a soundtrack, or pluck something more personal from their own music library.

While you might have an extensive archive of videos from Vine and Instagram to choose from, you can also create on the fly thanks to the in-app capture ability. Once you’re happy with everything, you can then share your creations to social media, and while the 20-second video size rules out posting to Vine, you can share your work on Facebook and Twitter.

Rated 5 out of 5

Brokering a truce between Vine and Instagram for the sake of user creativity, Sympler is a great place to have some fun with video.