SwiftKey Note Review

SwiftKey Note Review

SwiftKey Note Review

SwiftKey Note’s intelligent autocorrect learns to predict which words you will type next.

SwiftKey Note is a self-confessed ‘mind-reading’ app, which ‘learns’ your writing style and the way that you use words together and then intelligently autocorrects and makes suggestions on next words as you type.

In order for SwiftKey Note to quickly learn your writing style, you need to use it as your default note-taking app. If you’ve got an Evernote account, you can link this with the app and expedite the learning process; SwiftKey will then analyse all of your existing Evernote notes.

Unfortunately, Evernote is the only service you can currently link with, and it’s fair to say that the app would greatly benefit from integration with other services such as iCloud, Google, WordPress and Tumblr. There’s also no syncing function available with SwiftKey – only with Evernote, so if you lose your data or delete the app, your notes disappear into the ether.

The app’s interface is very minimal and easy to navigate, centred around Notes, Notebooks and Tags. One great feature of SwiftKey Note (not available in the standard iOS Notes app) is the ability to group your Notes into Notebooks, so you can keep your thoughts more organised.

SwiftKey has the potential to be a leading note-taking app, but needs to offer more integration and syncing options in order to become a game-changer.

Rated 3 out of 5

A time-saving app that is easy to use but would benefit from third-party integration.