Stubies Review

Stubies Review

Stubies Review

The cutest colour-matching puzzler for iPhone and iPad

Cute puzzle games are not going out of fashion any time soon. Match games where you have to link two or three tiles together in order for them to disappear are very much on trend, but Stubies aims to give the genre a fresh twist.

Instead of having tiles of to match, here you have the titular Stubie characters, which move around the screen causing chaos. You need to drag them about so that they touch. When you get a colour pairing, they disappear and, as long as you complete a set challenge, you progress.

The game looks great. The different coloured creatures are cute, they move forward fluidly and there are lots of little pop ups that tell you what you need to do in the opening levels and some jaunty music to keep you interested. As you go from level to level new elements are added. Holes appear that the creatures can fall into (following a nice little animation) and you can double tap any Stubie in the way to make it squash into the floor, allowing other Stubies to freely walk over it. There are power-ups and different worlds to explore too.

The controls are easy enough. It’s all about swiping to get the characters going in the direction you want them too. They felt a bit sluggish when trying to get them to turn around but only momentarily and it didn’t ruin the fun of getting them to avoid obstacles and matching them up.

Rated 4 out of 5

Although it gets more tiresome as you progress, the cute Stubies and challenge makes for a fun few hours.