Storyboards Premium

Storyboards Premium

Hollywood’s red carpet starts at the tip of your fingers…

Storyboards Premium offers somewhat self- explanatory help to budding writers, comic book creators and movie directors, in order that they might form a more clear picture in their mind of a narrative before committing it to paper, or indeed celluloid.

Unlike its free counterpart, this paid-for edition allows a whole manner of export techniques to be employed, smoothing the transition from creative mind through artist to the final product.

Though some additional functionality is left to be desired, such features would tread on the toes of regular image manipulation software were they to be included, meaning that expert users may well wish to become familiar with an App of that kind putting Storyboards Premium to active use.

Amateurs and professionals hoping to offer a brief narrative outline, though, should find the options on offer more than adequate.

Creators Tamajii allow users to create an unlimited number of storyboards, each composed of a theoretically infinite total of individual frames.

After selecting an appropriate background (which could naturally feature a simply manipulated photo from one’s library), users are free to populate each panel with their choice of dozens of incidental objects, ranging from heavy goods vehicles to the humble club sandwich. Besides, naturally, human figures.

Each on-screen actor can be customised via a simple single tap, switching between a handful of costume ideas and a rainbow of fabric colours. Naturally too, this principle cast can be rotated over eight compass directions, allowing users to expand and contract their size to be shown from every conventional camera angle.

So, bad news if you like your actors shot from below through a sheet of glass. Good news if you’re the kind of individual that prizes ergonomics over finer details – simpler panels can be completed in well under one minute, thanks in part to a handy ability to favourite items used with greater frequency.

Similarly to their human counterparts, each in-App prop can be rotated, scaled and made transparent to each user’s content, allowing for swift placement of auxiliary objects inside a room, even at the last possible minute.

Though pixel perfect accuracy naturally isn’t quite achievable with such a limited set of tools, especially given that the App won’t permit figures to be cut out from pre-existing digital camera images, a rough approximation of the scene is always possible here.

Though more artistic visionaries may feel the need to import background images drawn by their own hand, the level of integration on offer here makes an occasional painstaking frame more than worthwhile.

After competing each project, it’s possible to convert the sequence into either a bespoke Storyboards format or regular pdf files for transferral over email, via iTunes, or into your iPad’s photo library for more leisurely review.

Naturally, a title of epic proportions can be bestowed upon your work before it is released into the world, besides explanatory notes upon each frame, providing space for a further degree of commentary, if such elaboration proves necessary.

Though perhaps a little light on content, the App’s library can be bolstered with custom artwork requests (for a rather hefty fee), meaning there’s potentially no end to its appeal.

Though most will likely ignore this service, as a basic introduction to core narrative concepts and framing Storyboards Premium proves most useful. Its ergonomic design, uncomplicated interface and uncanny knack for second-guessing users’ navigational desires ensures even the least experienced individual will find success, providing they’ve a story to tell.

Besides, actually recording a feature film is the least interesting part of its creation, right?

Rated 4 out of 5

A well-designed, fit for purpose piece of software cleverly designed with both beginners and more experienced creators in mind.