Storm The Train Review

Storm The Train Review

Can Storm The Train offer a genuine challenge to the endless running heavyweights on iPhone and iPad?

Run to the right, shoot vampires, zombies, robots, werewolves, bigger robots and a few other enemies, jump between trains, have boss fights, pick up other guns… yes, Storm The Train ticks enough boxes for us to have been interested in it before playing. And to be honest we still are – we just feel a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience.

It’s a decent enough game, with responsive (configurable) controls, an attractive art style and the ability to unlock new elements to keep you playing longer – though obviously if you want to do this in a reasonable amount of time it means paying for unlocks.

Storm The Train conjures up images of countless other smartdevice games, but one that kept on popping up was Jetpack Joyride. Of course, this is fine company for any game to keep, but when it’s more down to the general look of the game, the collecting and upgrading of items, gadgets and even clothing and even how coins are laid out in the game world (forming arrows and initials, for example), you realise it’s more just a few derived elements being used uncreatively rather than inspiration being drawn.

And that’s Storm The Train’s main failing: it feels in no way inspirational; in no way like a game you simply have to play, that you would go out and recommend to friends. It feels like just another forgettable – though fun – experience to add to the pile of forgettable experiences.

Rated 3 out of 5

Does what it does solidly, but unspectacularly. It is free, though.