Stick Cricket Premier League Review

Stick Cricket Premier League Review

Stick Cricket Premier League Review

Cricket with stickmen… it’s a combination hard to beat on iOS and Android

Although the presentation of this app is slick, there are moments when you begin to curse. Whether it is asking for money or throwing up another screen you just need to click off, the front end is not the most inviting. Yet before saying you’re out, it is worth sticking with it. Stick Cricket Premier League is addictive and this version takes things further.

The idea is that you become the captain of a cricket team as you try and win the League. There are 36 star players to choose from and each have different attributes to help you to victory. The beauty is trying to win without using any of them, however, and using your skill to beat the bowlers.

The graphics are quirky and cool. There is no mistaking this is cricket and the style really brings out the fun of the sport. This is the unique selling point to some degree, and the developers appear confident in their approach. It makes the pleasure of trying to achieve the runs and smack the ball all the more satisfying.

Lagging issues and some hold lets the game down at times, though. It would also be good to be able to exit in the middle of the season rather than have to go back to the start, although the developer has said that this is something in the process of being resolved.

Rated 4 out of 5

There are few games with the charm, excitement and lastability of Stick Cricket.