Sterling Review

Sterling Review

Sterling Review

For budget calculations that are more back-of-envelope than banking

In these cash-strapped times, being able to keep a close eye on your finances is more vital than ever before. Sterling makes life infinitely easy and it is well placed to help anyone who needs to budget, whether you’re self-employed, a student or just someone who needs to keep a close eye on the pennies.

With a simple tap of the + icon, you are ready to start creating your first budget. You are able to devise multiple budgets to suit your various needs, be it work or at home. The app then allows for budget pages that reflect the week, month or year. By stating when you want the month to start, you can even tailor it to follow financial months. At that point, you are ready to start a transaction.

This is as simple as including the name of transaction and the amount and deciding if you want it to repeat or not. These rough calculations that allow you to track spending and savings can then be played around with to see what would happen if certain things changed.

The beauty is that it doesn’t affect your budgeting but offers a ‘what if’ scenario. This means you can make all manner of amendments and play around while keeping the underlying data and experimenting. It’s a neat touch.

Rated 4 out of 5

The interface takes a little getting used to but you soon find it’s simple and effective at keeping track of budgets.