Stereo Review

Stereo Review

Stereo Review

Transform your iPhone’s music library into an old-school record store

Loyal iPhone users will have noticed that, despite a new handset hitting the market every autumn, the music interface hasn’t changed much over the years. Stereo is a visually engaging alternative to the native player that takes your music collection and presents it in a pleasant tiled manner, making selecting a song a little like browsing at an old-fashioned record store.

And it must be said, browsing in Stereo is incredibly easy, mainly because it fits so many artists onto the screen; there’s no need for endless scrolling. And behind the name of each artist is an image for each album, ensuring you can see everything.

There are, however, a few major flaws to Stereo. For one, it will only import an artist if you own one or more of their albums. So if you’re a fan of composing esoteric playlists, with a treasury of single tracks on your iPhone, this probably isn’t for you. Stereo is clearly designed for those who are happy to play an album from start to finish. But even that selection is rather arbitrary; Stereo might see fit to include the second disc of the edition of an album, but not disc one. Casual listeners are probably better off sticking with their iPod.

Rated 4 out of 5

Attractive enough, but a few kinks make this a download for die hard music lovers only.