Status Board Review

Status Board Review

Take your all-important data and display it beautifully

Convincing iPad owners that they need an app that displays their tweets, RSS feeds, calendars, emails and other vital statistics all in one place isn’t an easy sell. Set aside the issues surrounding data protection and you’re left with a concept that sounds a little overwhelming and wholly unnecessary. Fortunately, Panic’s Status Board does a great job of waylaying those concerns and providing users with a beautiful way to visualise those vital statistics that help you become more productive and organised in work and at home.

Status Board itself is based around a number of customisable panels that can be added, edited, resized and interacted with in just a few taps. There’s plenty of stock options to choose from here, covering everything from the local weather to an auto-updating count of unread messages in your email inbox. The process for setting up the app and editing those panels is slick and seamless, owing to a novel setup process that playfully nods to those infamous TV setup guides that made setting up your home entertainment system such a chore. With the initial setup out of the way, changing up the panels on your status board couldn’t be easier, simple tap the Cog icon and tap and drag away.

Ease of use shouldn’t be confused with the notion that this app lacks power features, though. As well as the ability to mirror Status Board to an Apple TV or output its visuals via HDMI (perfect for displaying on a big screen in an office), Status Board allows you to input HTML/JSON data to be visualised, even going as far as giving you the option to import your own, HTML-based panels. In short, there’s something here for everyone, but the issue is whether everyone will want it.

Status Board is the best data visualisation app we’ve seen. Rather than trying to do anything too clever, it keeps information clear and occasionally beautifully illustrated. The only problem it has, though, is that not everyone will see the benefit beyond business and seriously great data geekery.

Rated 4 out of 5

Whether you’re a business or just love data visualisation, this should definitely be on your iPad.