StatNut Review

StatNut Review

StatNut Review

A social networking stats centre for your iPhone

We’re all partial to a good stat every now and again, especially if it concerns our favourite sports team or favourite TV show. There is something in human nature that enjoys seeing ourselves as part of a big number; it’s part of being a social creature.

StatNut has tapped into this part of the human psyche and come up with this app; it gives you all the figures you need on your social networks. Boasting a minimalist interface and sweet gesture-based functionality, StatNut is also incredibly pleasing to work with because of the cleanness and simplicity that is a hallmark of the user experience.

The strange thing about StatNut is that while it is very pleasing to have all your YouTube hits and Vimeo comments as stats in one place, there isn’t an endless amount of usefulness to this app. It does look great and we really do like it, but StatNut feels like it is one or two functions short of being a real must-have. Being able to post from the app would be a step in the right direction, because while the link to each social network is handy, leaving the app and going through Safari feels clumpy and out of character with the smoothness and style that you find elsewhere.

We also found it strange that the app doesn’t ask you for a password when syncing your Twitter account – so in theory you can add and track any Twitter account if you know the username. However, if you’re in business and big on your social networks and wanted to track your competitors, then StatNut would be the ideal platform to monitor everything. Having said that, the Facebook stats also appear to be slightly off – the website and StatNut the app are giving different numbers of friends, which is worrying.

So there are most definitely some issues that need to be ironed out within StatNut, but there is also plenty of promise, especially in terms of the way the app looks and how it functions. Given some time and some updates, this could become a social network heavyweight.

Rated 3 out of 5

Still growing and finding its feet with a few issues, but there is plenty to be excited about.