Stationery Set for iOS

Stationery Set for iOS

A great addition if you already own Pages for iPad

Stationary Set is an add-on for the Pages app, providing 100 different stationary sets, which can be loaded into Pages. Some of the sets have more than one page, so the number of different elements totals around 230.

The stationary designs are very cool, covering all kinds of potential uses. What’s more, most of the elements can be tailored to your own uses, so one template could be re-jigged a number of times, multiplying the use of this app no end. The app itself is very simple.

Load it up, scroll though the templates, pick one you like, then open it in Pages. You can then edit to your hearts content. We really like the idea of taking a decent, fairly expensive app, and extending its use with a well priced add-on.

It’s a system that could catch on with some of the bigger apps out there, and mean that we don’t have to jump ship when creativity begins to ebb. Just get an app like this

Rated 5 out of 5

If you already have Pages, then this could prove to be an exceptional add-on. Worth the cover price.