Star Trek PADD

Star Trek PADD

Boldly going where no app has gone before – your very own PADD!

Upon the release of the iPad, this app was something that all Star Trek fans will have dreamt about. Some may even have sworn Apple got the idea from The Next Generation. But now the official PADD app is here, and once you get beyond the good looks, you will find it’s much more than just a pretty face.

Star Trek PADD is effectively an electronic encyclopaedia of everything from the Star Trek universe, with the app broken down into categories such as aliens, ships, places and even food. There are also direct links to the official Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

CBS, who launched the app, says the PADD gives you ‘an immersive experience’ through the authentic interface and sound effects, and while this is true, there are one or two little issues.

Firstly, the sounds are random rather than touch-prompted, and after a while they can become repetitive and a little annoying. There are also some images missing within the vast database, which is surprising given the obviously large amount of effort that has gone into developing the product.

The biggest problem, though, lies in the functionality, with the Back button returning you to the Home screen rather than your previous page, which makes navigation frustrating at times. The episode guide being in alphabetical order rather than organised by series is also a bit off-putting.

But ultimately you will overlook these kinks, because the experience you get is unique and quite exceptional.

Rated 4 out of 5

A few minor issues, but an unrivalled iPad experience for Trekkies.