Star Legends

Star Legends

To boldly go where few apps have gone before

The humble MMO – and we mean humble when it comes to the mobile versions – is not a new concept to iOS and Android gaming. However, it is starting to find its feet, and games like Star Legends do well to push the genre forward into a more handheld-friendly gaming space.

It’s very simple, for one. With a choice between one of three classes – ranging from the MMO staples of ‘tank’, ‘DPS’ and ‘healer’ – there’s little here to test traditional MMO players. Combat requires tapping the auto button and watching lasers fly, while the added option of utilising abilities means damage can be managed during battle. And unless otherwise halted, even levelling up will be handled automatically for those not willing to delve further into the menus.

Meanwhile, each quest, which is separated into individual instances for up to four players, is automatically filled with additional party members. This way, you never need worry about having to tackle difficult challenges alone. The downside is that often you’ll be placed into a quest near-completion, lacking the fodder to cut through and earn those ever-valuable experience points.

Menus have been streamlined, too, to keep people out of the UI and in the game, which is true for much of Star Legends. By keeping the combat fluid, the gameplay constant and the rewards regular, this is another fine example of how MMOs are finding their feet on mobile devices.

Rated 4 out of 5

A simple and compulsive, if sometimes repetitive, MMO that’s well worth looking into.