Star Command Review

Star Command Review

Explore the universe in this deep space strategy game for iOS

This game gives you the chance to act out your Star Trek and Battlestar fantasies and take command of your own deep-space explorer. You fly your ship, and control the crew, weapons and shields.

In iOS gaming terms Star Command feels like a distant relative of games like Pixel People and The Sims. The little universe you create is entirely in your control, with taps and swipes in order to move those that inhabit it between their various jobs. Here, you must fill your ship with crew by spending tokens to employ them.

There are three main types of crew member: engineer, weapons expert and medical staff, and assigning them to a certain room on your ship pigeonholes them in that career, as well as colour-codes them. There’s even a Star Trek in-joke in your weapons and security crew members – those first in danger, being in red.

It takes a few minutes to find your bearings and understand the basic jobs of your crew, but there’s then a startling pace to the game that thoroughly tests the knowledge you’ve managed to scoop up so far.

On only your second mission you’re required to deal with alien invaders teleporting onto your ship. Here you must scramble to get your red-shirted security team to fight off various species – all the while moving engineers to repair damage your ship has sustained, and your medical staff to heal injured crew. It’s fast-paced and difficult; most levels taking at least one attempt to survive and complete, but you do want to keep trying; that’s the frustrating beauty of it.

There is romance in commanding your own ship – and in a game that’s been so lovingly put together, this isn’t a temptation you should resist.

Rated 5 out of 5

It might be a challenge to complete but you’ll keep coming back.