Express yourself with pictures using this blogging app

Using a short-form take on blogging which is similar to Twitter, Stampzz gives users the tools needed to create visually led micro blogs using images snapped on the go to give the world an insight into their lives. Every time you shoot a new image, you can upload it as a ‘Stamp’ to your personal feed for all to see, as well as aggregating it further using Facebook, Twitter and email connectivity.

Images added to your feed can be given headlines and short descriptions to help give your blog greater substance. You can even scale and crop images before submitting them to your feed using the app’s tool set. The range of editing options is limited to just these two functions, but there are plenty of image editing apps out there to compensate for this. Once you have posted an image, other users on your friends list can comment on your snap, and add it to their own favourites list. Of course, you can also keep images private, make them public or for only select users to see, thus giving you complete control over the privacy of your blog.

You can search for other users by topic and name, and then follow them. This makes all Stampzz that are submitted by followed users appear in your notifications feed. Alternatively you can search for Stampzz submitted in your local area using your device’s GPS connectivity.

While Stampzz offers an interesting slant on the act of micro blogging, and it can occasionally throw up some breathtaking shots taken by talented photographers, there are many users who simply post images without saying anything about it, or chatting with other members. This isn’t exactly a failing of the app, of course, but actively engaging with other users is instrumental to fleshing out an active community, something that some people don’t seem to be interested in.

Strictly speaking about the Stampzz app itself, the execution is flawless, and it uploads images incredibly quickly. The menus are clear, and a browse through the notifications feed does deliver some intriguing and frequently scenic photos. Stampzz still revolves around a growing community, and to see it expand further would be brilliant, especially as the idea behind it is fresh.

Rated 4 out of 5

Simple, brief and easily digestible, this is a superb slant on the popular micro-blog format.