SPY Mouse

SPY Mouse

outfox the patrolling cats and complete your mission

Every so often, you come across a game that has got the balance of controls and gameplay just right. SPY mouse is a great example of this. Courtesy of EA, this sees you take control of Agent Squeak, who you must guide through various homes gathering cheese, crucially avoiding the many feline sentries along the way. The aim of each level is to successfully capture the cheese on offer and make it to your mouse hole before the cats get you. In addition, there are candy canes to grab and secret levels and locations to unlock, all of which boost your overall score upon completion.

The controls are simple, requiring you to trace a path with your finger that Squeak will follow. This is straightforward at first, but for the later levels, when more cats and other hazards mean your margin for error is smaller, it’s worth noting that you can’t erase a plotted route for Squeak, so it’s best to move in short bursts rather than try and flow through in one movement of your finger.

There are a host of features beyond the main objective of each level. In a similar manner to games like Cut The Rope, you can earn extra points for completing levels in a certain way, all of which helps keep you coming back for more.

Rated 5 out of 5

Fun, original and easy to play, SPY mouse is as solid as they come.