Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD

The biggest rivalries in American football brought to life for iPad

If a single fibre of your being has a connection with American Football, then this app is for you. Put together by Sports Illustrated, the app details ten of the most intense rivalries from both college football and the NFL, with each given its own dedicated timeline of key events so you can uncover or relive the most important moments of the rivalries over the years.

As with the game itself, Football Rivals is packed with statistics, with the interactive timelines including colour-coded results from every clash between the teams, as well as a stats scoreboard accessed from the ‘By The Numbers’ tab, which sums up each team’s  entire history in a collection of figures. The interface is a very pleasant place to be, with a classic and nostalgic theme that adds to the ambience the app is trying to create by diving into the past, as well as its use of iconic photography.

There is no doubt that this will feel like heaven to football fans, but it’s effective enough to be a great way of introducing someone to the sport by showing them some of the greatest moments from down the years. We dare you not to get goosebumps. To top it off, there are some very nice extras to keep you occupied for a few extra minutes. The Rival Quiz tests your knowledge of each head-to-head, and hidden within some of the slideshows links to some bonus rivalries that didn’t make the final cut of ten, but the developer felt were too good to leave out.

Rated 5 out of 5

An app that indulges in the emotion that sports fans love most; nostalgia.