Splyce Review

Splyce Review

Splyce Review

Your own personal and colourful digital DJ

With iOS 7 upon us, apps are starting to embrace the vivid colour and flatter design that Cupertino has rolled out on iPhone and iPad. Splyce is a wonderful example of this, with the app doing a great job of making your music library instantly more stylish than the default Music app – even after its recent facelift.

However, it doesn’t just make your music library look great, it makes it sound great too. Like your own pocket-size DJ, after you’ve selected the songs that you want for your playlist, the download offers a host of options about how it should sound and be structured.

There’s the Mix Mode, which has several settings based around beats per minute (BPM). This mode uses the first song to set an average pace for the entire playlist. Users also have the power to decide how long the mix transition should be between songs – anywhere between 10 and 60 seconds. If you want your tempo to get increasingly faster, Splyce can also rearrange your playlist in ascending order of BPM. The setting that makes your screen flash in time to the music is more than a bit cheesy, but great if you want to get your rave on.

It’s short, sharp and to the point in how it organises your party playlist, but the range of options means there is some fun experimentation to be had with this app.

Rated 4 out of 5

This app looks great and keeps things simple gesture-wise, while still retaining an impressive level of cleverness.