Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD

Comic book fun comes alive in this action-packed adventure

We’re pretty sure that there isn’t a decent computer format out there that hasn’t had a Spider-Man game or two made for it. So, we can understand why consumers can treat the release of yet another game featuring the world’s most famous web-slinger with a little indifference.

Those of you that fall into this category need to seriously rekindle your faith in that little radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and created one of the best comic book heroes of all time.

Gameloft has decided to opt for a more comic-like feel with this game, and at first we thought the graphics were a little too cute, and that they might have been better off concentrating their efforts elsewhere.

Turns out our concerns were misplaced, as the game engine is very cool. Obviously, the iPad is limited in a number of ways when it comes to gaming, so it’s up to the developer to compensate and make things easier on the user.

Gameloft have done this with an easy to use joystick and a fighting system that makes kicking the utter crap out of people a lot of fun, with the number of possible hit combinations being what really makes the difference.

By combining button presses, you can cause all kinds of bodily damage in all kinds of ways. If you add this to the pretty decent web-swinging and varied level setup, then you’ve got yourself a great game.

Coupled with the possibility of learning even better moves as you progress, and you’ve got a game you’ll not want to put down.

Rated 5 out of 5

Batter the living daylights out of super villains, Spidey-style. Nuff said.