Spendee – See Where Your Money Goes Review

Spendee – See Where Your Money Goes Review

Spendee – See Where Your Money Goes Review

Are you a spendee or a savee? Find out for sure

Spendee is a well-designed app that tracks your spending in the simplest way possible. A quick tap of the plus button and you are prompted to tap in an amount using the large set of numerical keys that appear on the screen. You can indicate whether you have added cash or taken it away and then choose from a selection of categories which best describe how you spent or earned the money.

Additionally, you can choose a date and indicate how regularly your spending or earning pattern will take place, ranging from every day, every two days all the way up to every year. We like the option for every work day too, and the reminder and note features are useful for giving more detail and getting a prompt before it comes in or leaves your account.

The advanced features also include the ability to add a photograph, which is a great addition. You can be smart here and take a picture of your receipt of wage slip – the perfect way to keep everything together in one place. All of these inputted details can then be poured over in great detail via the overview section which maps out day-by-day the income, extra income and outgoings, each in their relevant categories. The handy feed option lists everything you have inputted – which can either alarm or comfort you.

There is no doubt that Spendee is easy to use and the presentation is spot on, even if the pastel colours may not be to everyone’s taste. It’s not faultless by any means – the range of categories is small in number and you are unable to add your own. There is no tagging ability and you cannot just jump to your current balance. Nevertheless, as a quick way of keeping an eye on your finances – and with an ability to add a passcode for security – it is a decent purchase.

Rated 4 out of 5

Control what is coming in and out with just a few taps, making the entire process nice and easy.