Speak It! Text To Speech

Speak It! Text To Speech

Speak It! Text To Speech

For those who like their words less, well, squiggly

We suppose many aspects of modern life would have astounded us, ten or 20 years ago. Live online gaming, for instance, or how terribly expensive things are. Topping the list, though, come apps like Speak It!, which allows a device in the palm of your hand to speak for itself near-perfectly.

It’s not quite as simple as that, naturally. Though its sales blurb suggests the ability to read PDF files, it can only do this insofar as it can read any copied and pasted text from any document. So, before having the device spell out any text, users must delve into the source document as they would have done anyway, which is a shame but doesn’t kill off the app’s purpose entirely.

It’s possible, for instance, to send a spoken message to others via email, just through the entry of text. Naturally, too, it may prove of use to those unwilling to strain their eyes through the viewing of large text documents to have one of this app’s four automatons speak it to them while either browsing other apps or doing nothing at all. Naturally, each speaker on occasion sounds as if they’re having various sensitive parts of their anatomies dipped in ice water, but the accuracy of its text reproduction falls no shorter than stunning, considering how much of a minefield the English language actually is.

Rated 4 out of 5

Stunning technology wrapped up in a slightly inferior user interface. Overall, though, Speak It! is still a triumph.