Space Station: Frontier

Space Station: Frontier

Space Station: Frontier

In space no one can hear you defend towers

Tower defence is hard to keep fresh, especially on smartphones where the genre has been propelled into popularity. There’s an abundance of them across the App Store and Android Market, and in a varying degree of styles, quality and themes. All this makes Space Station: Frontier all the more impressive, and though it doesn’t really innovate beyond the usual conventions of the genre – something will attack your base, requiring you to use towers to defeat them – it handles the template with a new perspective.

Rather than force enemies down specific routes, as is usually the norm, Space Station: Frontier provides an entire, open playing field to defend – which is fitting, considering the vastness of space has no boundaries. Utilising a top-down view, you’re required to raise your towers along a power line. This gives you total freedom to build wherever you like – a refreshing change that still requires sensible tower placement, but with just as much forward planning, too.

This freedom of choice continues with the unlockable system. Most tower defence games provide the necessary tools as and when a new enemy type is unlocked. While Space Station: Frontier does a decent job of warning you in advance, the decision of picking the right weapon to combat certain enemies falls entirely to you. Don’t worry if you fail to choose wisely, however, since there are survival stages against increasingly difficult waves that you can replay in order to earn extra credits and unlock those all-important towers and upgrades.

It’s a fantastic system that really emphasises the need to learn the campaign maps – a trait common to the genre. And though there are only 15 levels, this will take many hours of practice and unlocks before you’ve completed them all, and even then there’s additional modes to tinker with if you’re still after more. Space Station: Frontier doesn’t break new ground for the genre, but it does provide a high-quality tower defence game that is well worth getting your teeth into.

Rated 5 out of 5

Manages to make an over-used genre entertaining again.


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