Soundwave Music Discovery Review

Soundwave Music Discovery Review

Soundwave Music Discovery Review

Facebook for music, share what you’re listening to with online friends instantly.

Our music lives are no longer dictated by the CDs we buy. The modern music lover has countless ways of listening to their favourite artists – so finding out what your friends are into takes a lot more than looking through their record collection.

Soundwave Music Discovery is designed to be the new way of discussing what you’re listening to right now, as it syncs with the native player on your device – as well as streaming services like Spotify and Rdio – and posts your habits to Soundwave’s activity feed. Similar set-ups are around, for example being able to post to Facebook from Spotify, but this is the first app that takes what’s on your built-in player and shares it.

Soundwave shows you what all your followers are doing, and you can scroll down the timeline, or head to their profile to see exactly what they’re jamming to. It means you can chat should you notice you have the same guilty pleasure, or thank them for discovering something new for you. Tap any song listed to hear a preview, or the YouTube and SoundCloud links to access full songs and similar tracks. You can even buy music by following the links to your native music store should you really like what you hear.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of Soundwave is as a sort of musical Facebook, with tunes being posted instead of status updates, and your followers being able to Like or Dislike each post. Soundwave also contains some cool ways to get big and small in how you search out music. On a larger scale, you can follow celebrities like Stephen Fry and see what he’s been listening to – in effect a celebrity playlist. On a smaller level, you can use the ‘Music Map’ to draw a circle anywhere on the map and view the posts from within that area.

There is plenty of substance to Soundwave, but its success depends on whether users buy into the idea. If they do then this app is definitely going to be one to look out for.

Rated 4 out of 5

Bursting with potential and a clever idea that could gather a huge following in time.