Keep track of your hectic life in colourful style with Sorted for the iPad

While there is a glut of task management apps doing the rounds on iPhone, it’s clear that the iPad’s crisper display is more suited for creating complex, easily navigated lists.

Sorted from Savage Interactive is a bright and colourful app complete with fully customisable task schedules. Users can create multiple lists packed with chores, including specific pages for multitiered projects. Creating new tasks and lists is simple thanks to Sorted’s large, clear display.

Events can be prioritised using a sliding colour scale, queued up by date and time to create accurate schedules, as well as emailed to multiple addresses for collaboration with colleagues.

Although there is no tutorial, Sorted is a simple app with clear functions. Dense lists can be searched for specific terms at speed, which is useful for those with hectic schedules. It’s refreshing that the process of creating events and cementing them in your list requires little steps, effectively stripping out most of the complications many task management apps throw your way.

While the streamlined interface is appreciated, tagging and file attachment options would be appreciated in future builds, as well as Google Map integration for those tagging tasks to specific locations. Overall, for speed and simplicity, Sorted is a superb app.

Rated 4 out of 5

It’s another in a long line of task management apps, but Sorted skirts around laborious interfaces and favours simplicity instead.