Songdrop – Free Music Player Review

Songdrop – Free Music Player Review

Songdrop – Free Music Player Review

Pick and choose your ultimate playlist from YouTube, Soundcloud and more with this free mobile music streaming service

As much as it is a video-sharing powerhouse, YouTube has also become a very useful resource for listening to and discovering great new music. The developers at Songdrop seem to have picked up on this too, and so have brought the video service, as well as the likes of Soundcloud and Bandcamp, together to create a single archive of music that users can pick and choose from – all absolutely free.

It sounds a fantastic prospect and in truth it is, because thanks to the sheer scope of the content posted to places like YouTube and Soundcloud, not only is the album version of a song available, but also every cover and live version imaginable is now within touching distance of your device.

This is all tied in with a very cool interface that is part clean iOS 7 with its white spaces and part retro record player as song icons spin like old vinyl – the result of which is a very pleasing app to interact with. From this, users are able to create playlists with minimum effort, seamlessly mixing together audio and video performances as they see fit before sharing them to Facebook so friends can access them too.

This is such a simple yet smart idea, it’s surprising it didn’t already exist. Simply dive in and start building playlists from one of the most varied music archives you’ll likely find.

Rated 5 out of 5

A great idea that might just make streaming subscribers think twice before they renew.