Solutionist Review

Solutionist Review

Solutionist Review

Solutionist for iPhone calculates anything automatically in seconds

Solutionist is a unique app that takes features from spreadsheets, coding languages and calculators to offer a customisable solution that you can use to automate a variety of common daily tasks. The ability to set up simple equations for loans and groceries is available, but if you take some time and let your imagination run riot you can, in theory, create calculations for anything at all.

Whether it be for work or home, it can help you in a number of ways and the interface is minimalist enough to help when you are trying to set things up. Each field will focus your attention on its contents and you can then use this information to build parameters for the app to use. Text is utilised alongside numbers to bring real-world meaning to the results and this gives you the power to build answers that feel more like a computer program than simple results.

Every formula you create can be saved or shared and we really do mean it when we say that you are only limited by your own imagination. If you are prepared to take the time to watch the instructional video and to understand basic formulas you can build up the complexity of your creations over time – but this is where the app may feel off limits to some. You have to work at it to get more out of it and in a world where we generally expect apps to work for us with minimal effort, that can be a hard sell.

To us this is actually a benefit, because you cannot have this much flexibility and power and not expect to put some effort in. Just like when creating a complex spreadsheet, we all have unique requirements and these things do not build themselves.

You will have to climb the learning curve to fully understand this app, but this is no different than when you learned email, word processing and all other areas of basic computing. A very worthy download.

Rated 4 out of 5

Solutionist could save you time and help with various aspects of your life. An incredibly powerful app.